2024 Year In Review

2024 Year In Review



Throughout 2023, every component of the VIZIO direct-to-device ecosystem evolved to continue meeting the demands of today’s advertising landscape, the needs of advertisers in every industry, and, of course, the viewers that both rely on. 


We added new ad tech innovations that revolutionized the way brands and broadcasters alike connect with audiences on the VIZIO Home Screen and beyond. We added new programming and interactive features to give viewers even more reason to stay engaged with their VIZIO TVs. And we expanded our reach to new partners and industries with the awards and recognition these efforts bring. 


Here are some of the biggest developments of the year that have benefitted advertisers and viewers alike:


Advertising Innovations

The VIZIO Home Screen emerged as a critical piece of advertising real estate, promoting not only content from programming partners, but also brands. From themed content sponsorships, to our new Branded Content Studios, consumer brands have a home on the Home Screen. 


Programming & Viewer Features

VIZIO viewers enjoyed an explosion of new content, apps, and programming sources over the course of the year, a critical component to keeping them engaged and interacting with their TVs. But giving viewers everything they want means more than good programming. It also includes leveraging the TV’s position as the heartbeat of the home to access other features and content to stay informed, engaged, and entertained. 


Company & Community

We made huge strides this year evolving as a company, and welcoming new partners and providers into our home. This community approach is how we will maintain our innovation and continue to bring advertisers and viewers alike more opportunities to benefit from the VIZIO ecosystem. 


Executive Insights

VIZIO has been a pioneering TV brand from the start, and we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. That includes VIZIO leaders offering their expertise, insights, and advice on how the smart TV and streaming landscape is evolving today and into the future. 



The only recognition we really need is from our viewers and our partners. But it’s nice to be noticed by our peers as well. From our first-ever Technical Emmy, to a range of advertising and measurement innovation awards, we were humbled by the support we received this year from this competitive community. 


Brand Success Stories  

We can talk about products and capabilities all day long. But what matters most is how actual customers use them. We published a series of case studies showcasing how brands spanning multiple industries — from CPG, automotive, insurance, travel, QSR, and of course… media & entertainment — leveraged VIZIO Ads to find their audiences, promote their products and services, and gain real-world results. 


That’s a lot of momentum carrying us into the New Year. And there’s a whole lot more to come. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements on the very near horizon, as well as more results, reports, analysis and insights in the year ahead. 


Thank you for your continued support of VIZIO and VIZIO Ads. All of us here wish you a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

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