Boosting Brand Interest and Purchase Intent With VIZIO Ads

Boosting Brand Interest and Purchase Intent With VIZIO Ads


VIZIO Ads gives advertisers targeting opportunities that don’t exist in traditional media channels. So when a wine producer was looking to drive brand consideration and intent to purchase among its target audience, it turned to VIZIO to conduct a CTV campaign. 


As a result, the wine brand was able to measure the impact of campaign exposure compared to an identical unexposed audience. VIZIO’s hardware, software and data ownership validated viewership across audience and targeting type, ensuring transparency into ad effectiveness.


A post-campaign analysis of brand lift among the exposed audience, compared to the control group revealed key insights indicating the successful campaign performance in the category. Exposure to the CTV media helped drive a significantly higher lift in important metrics like Brand Awareness, Consideration and Purchase Intent. 


The wine advertiser’s campaign resonated particularly well among exposed audiences with more disposable income ($100k+), driving notable lifts in both upper and lower funnel metrics. 


The advertiser’s campaign also resonated with frequent wine purchasers. Audiences who purchase wine once a week or more showed double-digit brand lift, indicating they are both more vested in the category, and the campaign still educated and influenced lower-funnel activity.


And thanks to VIZIO’s ad frequency optimization tools across TV and other household devices, the advertiser was able to fine-tune the number of ads sent to its audience for the greatest effect without overkill. Awareness, Familiarity, Consideration and Intent peaked after 10+ exposures, suggesting it was more effective after being viewed multiple times.


By partnering with VIZIO Ads, this advertiser was able to engage its primary target audiences, while also identifying optimization opportunities for future media. The highly successful campaign helped drive awareness, consideration and intent lift for the wine brand, through access to advanced targeting methods, audience data and frequency optimizations with VIZIO Ads. 


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