How Ashley Knew Where To Place Its Furniture On VIZIO’s Home Screen

How Ashley Knew Where To Place Its Furniture On VIZIO’s Home Screen


Our latest case study examines how national retailer Ashley Furniture successfully used a VIZIO Ads Home Screen activation to help increase in-store visits during the second quarter of the year. 


The retailer had already been using VIZIO CTV ads to great effect but wanted to put a special effort behind driving even more foot traffic during the first half of the year. So in addition to its CTV efforts, the retailer added several Home Screen placements to ramp exposure across the VIZIO ecosystem. 


To do so, the retailer sponsored a series of content discovery opportunities on the Home Screen, including a Hero Unit placement, and a Discovery Row “presented by” sponsorship. This put the brand front-and-center with VIZIO viewers on the first screen they see when powering up their TVs. 


That’s not only a valuable piece of TV real estate from an overall awareness perspective, but it’s an added contextual benefit as well that presents the brand message in a helpful, positive light (rather than an interruptive ad). 


The retailer used Foursquare to measure foot traffic to stores during the course of the campaign, which found significantly higher conversion rates and a lower cost-per-visit with VIZIO’s Home Screen Sponsorship.  The Home Screen sponsorship is credited with helping drive over 57% of in-store visits, despite accounting for only 14% of total impressions.


These results suggest that Home Screen sponsorships can be highly effective at not only increasing awareness, but also driving lower-funnel KPIs… such as in-store visits and other conversion metrics. 


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DISCLAIMER: This Case Study and its results are not guarantees of the future performance of VIZIO Ads and are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors, some of which are beyond its control and may cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations.