VIZIO CTV Ads Deliver Sweet Results for CPG Company

VIZIO CTV Ads Deliver Sweet Results for CPG Company


When a CPG company selling candy and sweets was looking for ways to increase purchase frequency, it turned to VIZIO Ads. 


The sweets brand ran VIZIO Ads media aimed at two audience segments. One was a broad demographic audience for maximum reach. The other specifically targeted cord cutters to drive incrementality over their existing linear campaigns. 


The results show that the effort contributed to a significant increase in brand purchasing at a household level throughout the VIZIO audience. Overall sales lift attributed to the campaign was 15.4%.



A number of factors led to this topline result: 

  • Penetration: the biggest factor, accounting for nearly half of sales lift, was new buyers who had not previously purchased the brand’s products in the previous 12 months prior to the campaign. This indicates VIZIO’s ability to reach, engage, and influence a previously untapped (or unswayed) audience.
  • Purchase Amount: the increase in per-trip dollar spend on the brand could reflect existing buyers buying larger volume SKUs or multiple smaller packs compared to their previous spend. 
  • Purchase Frequency: an increase in the frequency that households exposed to the ad made a qualifying store visit, alongside purchase amount, indicates VIZIO’s ability to reach and influence existing brand buyers, pushing them towards brand loyalty.


Not surprisingly, previous buyers accounted for the lion’s share of overall sales. However, new buyers drove the majority of incremental sales. These new buyers fall into two categories — those new to the brand but were previous candy customers, and those both new to the brand and the candy category. 


The first represents an audience that previously bought competitor brands who can potentially be won over. This is a valuable audience because they already spend in the category, so winning a higher share of their dollars may represent a huge upside. The second is the toughest audience to influence, but they represent untapped potential as customers who have not yet formed loyalty to an existing brand.


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This case study and its results are not guarantees of the future performance of VIZIO Ads and are subject to factors which are beyond its control and may cause actual results to differ from expectations.