VIZIO Home Screen Helps Triple The Reach of QSR Campaign

VIZIO Home Screen Helps Triple The Reach of QSR Campaign


Cord-cutters now outnumber paid TV subscribers, which means even the biggest ad campaign on linear TV can easily max out its potential reach if limited to only one platform. For advertisers looking to build their customer base and expand incremental audience reach beyond linear, VIZIO Ads provides ample opportunities to engage with streaming consumers. 


This includes not only leveraging VIZIO’s CTV ad inventory for in-stream video ads, but also taking advantage of the prime real estate available on the VIZIO Home Screen.


Our latest case study showcases the power of this CTV + Home Screen combination. It examines a campaign conducted with Subway, one of the largest advertisers on linear TV already. Subway was interested in capturing an incremental audience by tapping into streaming, and partnered with VIZIO Ads to accomplish their goals. 


With VIZIO, Subway opted for both a standard CTV campaign as well as a high-impact VIZIO Home Screen sponsorship. With VIZIO Home Screen’s front-and-center sponsorships and unit placement, Subway was able to reach new audiences as soon as they powered up their TVs.


This approach helped Subway successfully reach new consumers. Our analysis of the campaign found 81.3% of the audience reached were incremental to Subway’s linear TV advertising efforts, with minimal duplication. 


VIZIO Ads’ measurement showed Subway’s linear TV campaign reached roughly 1 in 3 VIZIO devices. With the addition of VIZIO CTV and the Home Screen sponsorship, campaign reach skyrocketed to just under 82%. 


To read more about how Subway incorporated CTV Video and VIZIO Home Screen sponsorships, download the full case study using the form below.


This case study and its results are not guarantees of the future performance of VIZIO Ads and are subject to factors which are beyond its control and may cause actual results to differ from expectations.