VIZIOgram Allows Viewers To Share Photos + Videos On Their VIZIO TVs

VIZIOgram Allows Viewers To Share Photos + Videos On Their VIZIO TVs



The smart TV is the center of the household. And it’s the biggest screen in the house. 


So what better device to share photos and videos with friends and family? That’s why VIZIO has introduced a new feature that allows exactly that, called VIZIOgram. 


With VIZIOgram, viewers can share high-resolution photos and videos with friends and family through supported VIZIO smart TVs. Anyone with the VIZIO Mobile app and a VIZIO account can send a VIZIOgram photo or video from their mobile device, but  VIZIOgrams can only be shared between friends who are connected and have accepted an invitation.


Once connected, VIZIOgram allows all to share images or videos from their mobile phones to their contacts’ VIZIO TVs. 


The inspiration for VIZIOgram came directly from VIZIO Founder and CEO William Wang. Hear his story in the video below: 



After all, while smartphones are great for capturing images and videos, no device is better at displaying them than the smart TV. And the more viewers are engaged with their VIZIO smart TV, the more chances they have to see all the other great programming and content opportunities available to them as well. 


VIZIOgram is just one of many new additions and enhancements to the VIZIO viewer experience, which include the recently added Shortcuts feature and updated Mobile app. Combined, VIZIO is making it easier for viewers to control their TV, find the programming they want faster, and now use their TVs to share the content they produce themselves. 


No wonder VIZIOgram was recently named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards honoree in the Software & Mobile Apps category. To learn more, select the “Get in touch” button below to connect with a VIZIO representative. 


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