VIZIO Home Screen Brings Brands Front-And-Center

VIZIO Home Screen Brings Brands Front-And-Center



The sheer volume of content and streaming choices available to TV viewers today presents a challenge for advertisers trying to cut through it all and reach their target audience. Advertisers need fresh ways to reach new and established audiences, with content that not only stands out, but is contextually aligned and available in a digestible user interface.


VIZIO Ads has a solution — the VIZIO Home Screen. 


VIZIO’s Home Screen offers a streaming discovery environment structured into an accessible and easy to navigate user interface, only available via SmartCast. VIZIO users can easily flow through different viewing environments, apps and collections – making for effortless content discovery. When advertisers secure a front and center position on this Home Screen, they are able to seamlessly integrate into their target consumers’ journey when discovering what to watch. 


We recently conducted a case study measuring the impact of three different Home Screen activations across multiple advertiser categories — quick-service restaurant, auto manufacturer and insurance — in delivering against brand KPIs. Each brand had varying targets, measurement objectives and performance indicators. Despite the variation, they all established success after implementing the high-impact placement with VIZIO.


A pizza restaurant was looking for ways to increase brand association with key value statements, while also driving Purchase Intent. The VIZIO Home Screen helped it achieve significant lift in key brand metrics, including intent to buy the brand’s products.


An auto brand was launching an updated version of a beloved model, and needed to incorporate a tactic that would leave a lasting impression on its target customers. Partnering with VIZIO and leveraging VIZIO Home Screen helped the brand’s campaign generate in incremental auto sales of over $7 million.


An insurance brand chose to leverage VIZIO Home Screen, in conjunction with CTV video, to drive maximum impact among in-market consumers. The campaign exceeded in delivering against key objectives for the insurance provider — helping to drive incremental reach among its key target, while also generating notable lift in conversion rate.


The Front & Center Advantage

As content volume increases across devices and platforms, we have a responsibility to provide user and advertiser solutions designed to avoid leaving anyone lost in the crowd. 


Advertisers require innovative ways to reach their target consumers, and stand out in ways that make sense for their products and audiences. By activating in standout, high-impact placements, partners can share their choice content with the audiences they know want to see it, at the right point in their journeys, to surpass their marketing and business objectives.

For more information on how these advertisers achieved higher brand metric lift, incremental sales and lift in conversion rate by incorporating VIZIO Home Screen in their campaigns, download the full case study using the form below.