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VIZIO’s premiere entertainment ecosystem gives advertisers mass reach, digital precision, and validated impact.

Award winning Smart TV and entertainment platform

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VIZIO’s ownership of the hardware, software and data validates viewership and ensures ads are served without fault.

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Exclusive Data-Driven Inventory

Powerful Home Screen and video placements in a brand safe environment, powered by award winning, industry trusted Inscape ACR viewing data.

Innovations for Marketplace Challenges

Innovations for Marketplace Challenges

Grow Incremental Reach, control for optimal frequency, extend your TV-first campaigns to every device and more.

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Our owned and operated free, ad-supported streaming TV service offers +300 free channels and +12,000 on-demand titles right out of the box.

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Apps & Partners

All the premium apps viewers demand with ad-supported opportunities to reach them.

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Branded Content

Original series, built from scratch. Premium production capabilities give viewers more of the content they love, with your brand messaging woven seamlessly into every episode.

Opt-In, Glass Level Data From Millions Of Devices

Currency Grade Data & Analytics

Industry Leading ACR 2023

Industry Leading ACR

Powering the full-funnel TV measurement movement, tap into real-time glass level Inscape ACR data.

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Full Funnel Attribution

VIZIO Analytics helps advertisers plan, target, measure, optimize and validate multi-platform campaigns.

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Closed Loop Media Solutions

Reach underserved TVs and validate media spend with incremental reach reporting throughout your campaign.

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Trusted By Industry Leading Brands and Agencies

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“VIZIO is playing a very strategic role in our future plans and vision. The fact that they have so much data at their fingertips is going to help us make better decisions on everything that we do as an agency and as advertisers."
Brad Stockton | Dentsu

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