The Future of TV

The Direct-to-Device Ad Solution


VIZIO Ads 3-2


VIZIO’s ownership of the hardware, software and data validates viewership and ensures ads are served without fault.

VIZIO Ads 2-1-1

Exclusive Data-Driven Inventory

Powerful Home Screen and video placements in a brand safe environment.


Innovations For Marketplace Challenges

Solutions for Incremental Reach, Frequency Control, extending your TV-first campaigns to every device and more.

The First Stop for Millions of Devices

Streaming TV Experiences

WatchFree+ Square-1


Our owned and operated free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) service, offering 250 free channels and 6,000 on-demand titles right out of the box.

Home with Tori Feature-1


Custom and off-the-shelf opportunities to own and integrate into data-driven content.

Apps & Partners-1


All the premium apps viewers demand and ad-supported opportunities to reach them.


Industry Leading ACR

Inscape Data

Helping advertisers reach the right audience across 210 DMAs. Powering the full-funnel TV measurement movement and helping inform billion-dollar content decisions.

Hero Platform Plus-1

Innovation in Experience

At VIZIO, we’re powering the future of TV. Over the past 20 years, we established the smart TV industry, putting more than 100 million connected devices into U.S. homes. Now, we’re powering the next 20 years, with smarter TVs, smarter programming, and smarter ads.

Integrated Hardware, Software and Data

The Platform+ Package

VIZIO’s ownership of the hardware + software + Inscape data creates natural opportunities to reach your audience throughout their user journey.

Hardware Square


  • Award-winning Smart TVs and soundbars
  • Thousands of retailers nationwide.
  • Multiple price points catering to everyone.
Software Square-1


  • Easy to navigate Home Screen that is the first stop for millions of viewers.
  • Hundreds of free channels directly out of the box.
  • A full suite of data-driven advertising experiences.

Inscape Data

  • Inscape ACR data from 20 million opted-in devices.
  • Representative of all major demographics against U.S. census data.
  • Powering the next phase of TV planning, targeting and measurement.

Mission Oriented Partnerships

Helping Advertisers and Content Owners Achieve Their Goals

22_p_viz_info_hours_txt_1 Amount of time spent in WatchFree+ every year with exclusive inventory
22_p_viz_info_lift_txt_1 The impact of VIZIO ads against top-of-funnel goals
22_p_viz_info_conversion_txt_1 The impact of VIZIO Ads against bottom-of-funnel goals

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Thought leadership and analysis on issues affecting the TV advertising industry.


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