VIZIO's Mike O'Donnell On The 'Next In Media' Podcast

VIZIO's Mike O'Donnell On The 'Next In Media' Podcast


VIZIO  Chief Revenue/Strategic Growth Officer Mike O'Donnell recently sat down with noted media reporter Mike Shields to discuss how (and why) VIZIO has evolved into an ad sales platform designed for the smart TV age.


At the heart of this transformation is VIZIO's ownership of both the hardware and the software that powers both the programming and advertising experience. This integration is critical to bringing new features and opportunities to advertisers in an effective, efficient, and elegant way, which has driven our success to this point. 


Among the topics discussed: 


On VIZIO's evolution...

"We've gone from a hardware company to a hardware and software company. Creating that dual revenue stream has revamped our business."


On the changing TV landscape...

"There's a small group of TV households that make up a large portion of linear TV viewing. Because of that, advertisers need to find incremental reach, and CTV is a great place to find that incremental reach."


On the products VIZIO offers to help advertisers achieve reach...

"Our Home Screen is a great opportunity to promote services, whether that's promoting content... or other categories through sponsorships of custom hubs or owned/operated channels."


On WatchFree+ programming

"Having the data we have allows us to see what consumers like to watch and spend hours within the serive. That helps us not only deliver high-quality ad products, but it also helps us programming... to make sure we're driving as much engagement as possible."


On blending TV advertising and commerce

"Shoppable media, or T-commerce has been a hot-button topic for years. The capabilities are there today, but I don't think the consumer is there yet."


Listen to the discussion around these topics and more on the Next In Media podcast with Mike Shields below: 







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