Case Study: Streaming App Provider Uses VIZIO Home Screen to Drive Engagement

Case Study: Streaming App Provider Uses VIZIO Home Screen to Drive Engagement


The smart TV Home Screen has replaced channel surfing for viewers looking for new shows to watch. Instead of flipping, they’re browsing, making the Home Screen one of the most valuable pieces of advertising real estate for programmers seeking to connect content with viewers. 


This appeals to both programmers and streaming app providers alike. Recently, a streaming app provider leveraged the VIZIO Home Screen to promote the streaming debut of a popular new movie release in order to drive engagement for its app. Our latest case study examined the execution and results of this effort. 


Key insights from the case study include:

  • 12.1% of exposed consumers opened the app.
  • Devices that clicked on the VIZIO Home Screen sponsored media opened the streaming app at rates 6.6x higher than those that did not.
  • VIZIO Ads products built a cumulative impact on app engagement.


As the first stop on a consumer’s journey to decide what to watch, VIZIO’s Home Screen sponsorship is a prime place where streaming platforms can highlight their freshest content and influence engagement. 


To read more about how app providers can leverage VIZIO Ads products to drive more consumers to open their app and build content viewership, download the full case study using the form below.


This case study and its results are not guarantees of the future performance of VIZIO Ads and are subject to factors which are beyond its control and may cause actual results to differ from expectations.