Brands Can Now Be The Entertainment With VIZIO’s Branded Content Studio

Brands Can Now Be The Entertainment With VIZIO’s Branded Content Studio


Brands looking for just the right content to advertise with now have a powerful new tool at their disposal — the just-launched VIZIO Branded Content Studio. 

This revolutionary new business unit pairs brand partners with production companies to develop original programs together, creating custom content and storylines that viewers seek. This takes the concept of sponsored content a step beyond the “presented by” logo by fully integrating the themes, products, messaging, and other brand values directly into the content itself from the start. 

The result provides viewers with a unique entertainment experience based on the topics they seek, while giving brands an alternative ad experience much different than the traditional advertising options they’ve used in the past. 

VBCS represents the intersection of several unique VIZIO capabilities. Like all VIZIO ad innovations, it begins with insights gained from VIZIO’s best-in-class Inscape ACR data, which identifies the kind of content that VIZIO viewers seek. 

We then use this information to determine the kind of content that best satisfies the demand, and work with brands and production companies to create the supply. The resulting content can be short-form videos to long-form programming as desired. 

For example, Inscape data told us that 42% of VIZIO viewers are foodies, and 75% love sports. So we developed a four-episode mid-form series called 3 Pointers featuring sports-themed recipes, beverages, and entertainment ideas in time for March Madness in partnership with sponsor BetMGM. 

But that’s just the start. We then prominently feature VBCS content on the VIZIO Home Screen, served to the audience we know are most interested in it. This transports viewers directly into the content, connecting both the programming and sponsoring brands to viewers at the very start of their entertainment journey. 

Finally, every frame of the programs created is 100% measurable, allowing brands to granularly track the efficacy and impact of each project they’re involved with, just like a broadcaster would. This allows for far more insight than is gained from measuring only the video ads placed against third-party programming. 

Examples of additional branded content originals coming soon include: 

  • Clean Break: Michelle Hobgood the Tidy Trainer reveals organizational tips and tricks, stemming from the popular TikTok organizing trend.  

  • Island Eats: Episodes explore the flavors and textures of the most exclusive, hard-to-get-to places in the Caribbean.

  • City Limits: Every episode uncovers something unique just outside the limits of your favorite city.  

  • From the Ground Up: Comedian Rance Nix tells the story of passionate entrepreneurs in food, fashion, retail and more, spotlighting the journey from idea to launch

Early results show that branded campaigns such as these are driving massive engagement and meaningful outcomes with viewers, ranging from increases in purchase intent, consideration, and favorability to gains in aided awareness and ad recall.

VBCS blurs the line between brand and content, putting advertisers in the role of delivering entertainment to audiences directly rather than just an offer or a promotion. Delivering entertainment value through exclusive series helps create brand efficacy and reduce waste through creative solutions that cut through the clutter. 

To learn more about VBCS or schedule a demo, click the “Get in touch” button below and a VIZIO representative will contact you shortly. 

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