Streaming Viewing Outpaces Cable/Satellite, And That’s Actually Good For Advertisers

Streaming Viewing Outpaces Cable/Satellite, And That’s Actually Good For Advertisers


Newly released data from Inscape shows that the great TV eclipse has arrived. For the first time, streaming’s share of overall U.S. TV viewing increased to 53.8% in in Q2 of this year, while the combined share of cable and satellite dropped to 46.9%. 


That means that streaming has taken nearly 10% of viewing share away from cable/satellite in the U.S. What’s more, Inscape noted a staggering 70% increase in viewership time for FASTs (free ad-supported streaming TV services) from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023. 




This massive shift, which Inscape expects will both continue and accelerate, is powered mainly by growth in reliance on smart TVs and access to streaming apps and FAST services available on smart TV Home Screens as soon as viewers turn on the TV.


So, how can advertisers take advantage of this trend?


The Home Screen now serves as a concierge for the TV entertainment journey, providing viewers with an on-demand, one-stop-shop for all their content, as well as personalized recommendations to streamline the experience. This results in viewers spending less time searching and more time finding (and watching) content. VIZIO has seen this first hand, with a 20% surge in clicks and engagement on the Hero and Trending Now rows on our revamped Home Screen. 



For advertisers, the Home Screen pairs an uncluttered TV viewing environment with immersive experiences, including options like autoplay video, shoppable storefronts, and even QR code capabilities for direct response campaigns.


Check out a recent Home Screen campaign we did with Ashley Furniture. 


Beyond the Home Screen, FASTs have emerged as another formidable force drawing viewers further into the streaming realm. FASTs also provide advertisers an incredible opportunity to pair the sight, sound and motion of traditional linear with the targeting capabilities of digital. 


Additionally, FAST environments live VIZIO’s WatchFree+ are equipped with interactive capabilities, which can power shoppable experiences, interactive trivia and dynamic messaging to achieve both top and bottom-of-funnel KPIs. 


Check out a recent interactive campaign we did with Barbie.


As viewers increasingly embrace streaming's convenience, customization, and cost-effectiveness, the smart TV Home Screen — driven by on-demand and FAST services — will continue to drive the engines of this streaming revolution, forever altering the way we consume content and the advertising landscape.

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