VIZIO Adds Reach & Frequency Analysis To Household Connect With Experian Partnership

VIZIO Adds Reach & Frequency Analysis To Household Connect With Experian Partnership


VIZIO’s Household Connect solution is a game-changing enhancement to traditional TV and CTV campaigns. With it, brands advertising to audiences on TV and CTV can extend their reach, their message, and their frequency to additional devices within the household, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. 


And now, it’s even more powerful, with the addition of Experian’s Consumer Sync identity resolution. This partnership allows us to offer enhanced targeting, measurement, analytics and attribution capabilities on top of the already-powerful cross-device reach. 


Our previous Household Connect partnership efforts have focused on scale, through data partnerships with the likes of TransUnion and Yahoo (formerly Verizon Media) to complement our industry-leading ACR viewership data from Inscape, generated from more than 21 million opted-in VIZIO households. With that scale established, Experian’s Tapad elevates its impact with the ability to conduct reach and frequency analysis within the Household Connect environment. 


That kind of direct insight allows marketers to leverage ACR data segments both on and off platform — TV, laptop, mobile, and laptop — so they can better understand the full-funnel impact of their campaigns, as well as optimize them for future campaign iterations. This gives advertisers an advanced omnichannel experience that delivers both messaging and frequency across a range of devices in a cohesive way. What’s more, it creates a more cohesive cross-device experience for VIZIO viewers. 


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