Extending VIZIO’s CTV Ads to Additional Devices Helps Travel Brand Take Flight

Extending VIZIO’s CTV Ads to Additional Devices Helps Travel Brand Take Flight


Timing is an important element of any advertising campaign. Clearly, one of the best times to connect with customers is when demand is high. When market research shows that interest in your product is on the rise, that’s the best time to ramp up your advertising and branding efforts. 


But to benefit from the best-timed ad, you need flexibility and control over precisely where your message is delivered. After all, audiences aren’t always in front of the TV. 


For instance, this past summer, a global travel service activated a nationwide campaign to reach travel-minded VIZIO viewers. The campaign used a mix of CTV in-video advertising, and then retargeted the individual members of those households on other connected devices using VIZIO’s innovative Household Connect feature.


This multi-device strategy is critical not only to reach such diverse audiences as travel lovers, which spans everyone from GenZ to Boomers, but also to ensure a cohesive message is delivered across all devices. 


After all, there are more than 120 million connected households in the U.S. today, and the average American uses 16 connected devices. Advertisers hoping to reach these users often do so through multiple campaigns created for each device rather than conducting a single campaign designed to reach all devices. 


The result is siloed budgets, fragmented measurement, and a disjointed experience. That translates to wasted money for advertisers paying twice (or more) for reaching the same audience, not to mention a lack of insight into the consumer journey. And for viewers, it often means repetitive ads and disconnected messaging. 


It’s therefore critical to communicate with audiences at multiple touchpoints, not just when they’re watching TV, in order to guide them down the purchase funnel throughout the duration of the campaign. To do so effectively, we need to ensure that we reach each user only the optimum number of times – with additional tools such as competitive conquesting, sequential messaging and more.


With VIZIO’s Household Connect solution, the travel company was able to extend its message to the same users across multiple devices in a controlled, consistent manner.


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