Introducing M/LUX: Luxury Living on VIZIO's WatchFree+

Introducing M/LUX: Luxury Living on VIZIO's WatchFree+


Brands looking for new and innovative ways to reach audiences in the streaming environment are increasingly turning to original content as a means to do so. 


In addition to advertising across streaming content, these brands are making their own content as well, and in the process incorporating their own brand messaging from the start. That’s why we created the VIZIO Branded Content Studio — where we use our glass-level data set to understand what kind of content viewers seek, and then work with brand and programming partners to deliver it in ways that serve both viewer and advertiser alike. 


Today we’ve introduced the latest result of that effort that takes the strategy to a whole new level — a groundbreaking collaboration with Modern Luxury Media, the nation's premier luxury media company, to bring the M/LUX channel exclusively to VIZIO's WatchFree+ service. 


M/LUX is a streaming platform that offers a curated selection of premium episodic and on-demand content celebrating all things luxury living. Programming includes Food + Drink, Home + Design, Art + Culture, Travel + Adventure, and Fashion + Beauty. 


Through this collaboration, both content creators and brand partners gain an unprecedented opportunity to resonate with luxury-lifestyle-minded audiences. M/LUX acts as a conduit for sharing remarkable narratives, inspiring journeys, and exclusive interviews that showcase the finest elements of luxury living, providing a fresh perspective on the art of storytelling in the luxury entertainment realm.


Within each, brands can participate as a presenting sponsor. For instance, at launch, Atlantis Resorts was the debut presenting sponsor for the show Global Child The Bahamas: Protecting Paradise. The series offers a unique perspective on the region, exploring shark dives, coral painting, and shipwrecks, all while showcasing the beauty of the Bahamas.


With dozens of other shows available across the M/LUX channel, this collaboration between VIZIO and Modern Luxury Media opens up exciting possibilities for premium advertisers across Modern Luxury Media's vast publishing portfolio.


As part of the VIZIO Branded Content Studio benefit, select programming from M/LUX will receive featured placement on the VIZIO Home Screen. This gives viewers easy, one-click access to programming we know they seek, and provides presenting sponsors with an opportunity to leverage the powerful VIZIO Home Screen to reach like-minded audiences. 


VIZIO WatchFree+ understands the importance of catering to individual interests. By leveraging their targeted data insights, VIZIO ensures that users in the "Luxury Lifestyles" category receive a personalized entertainment experience. The content selection will be regularly updated to reflect users' preferences, ensuring continuous access to new and exciting luxury content.


To learn more about VIZIO Branded Content Studio, click the “Get in touch” button below to connect with a VIZIO representative. 

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