Audience Targeting Bolsters VIZIO Home Screen Promotions

Audience Targeting Bolsters VIZIO Home Screen Promotions


One of the best ways to drive viewership of TV programming among smart TV users is to feature it on the SmartCast home screen. 


But exactly who sees those promotions is just as important as where it’s placed. 


At VIZIO, we have the ability to customize which programming recommendations and promotions are displayed on SmartCast home screens based on the viewing history and preferences of our users. 


For instance, during the football season, we promoted a specific game through a game-day unit on the SmartCast homescreen. While this effort spanned all SmartCast devices, an examination of the results between all users vs those identified as football/sports viewers is notable. 


The campaign reached 59% of football/sports viewers, compared to 39% of all SmartCast TV users.



What’s more, football/sports fans proved far more likely to tune into the game, with overall tune-in lift of 78% over those not exposed to the promotion. 



And as you can see, the conversion rate on the home screen banner promoting the game was twice as high for SmartCast football fans over all SmartCast TVs, and 65% greater for the banner and video ad combined. 



It comes down to targeting… placing the right promotion in front of the right audience at the right time. It’s true for in-programming advertising as well as for home screen recommendations and promotions. 


Our Inscape data gives us glass-level insights into what viewers are watching across streaming, linear, and on-demand programming. Using this to promote your content to the right audience isn’t just good advertising. It’s smart advertising.



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