Vote for VIZIO — ThinkLA IDEAS Awards

Vote for VIZIO — ThinkLA IDEAS Awards



VIZIO is a finalist for the ThinkLA IDEAS Awards, honoring the campaigns, companies, and individuals moving the needle in our hometown HQ of Southern California. 


We'd like to ask for your vote to help us bring home this important honor, and the last day of voting is May 10, 2023. 


We're featured in two categories: 

- Partner of the Year

- Salesperson of the Year: Anthony Brooks, VIZIO Ads


Partner of the Year

For a multi-billion dollar brand whose name is synonymous with technology and innovation, VIZIO has a collaborative, open, entrepreneurial culture that inspires employees to bring unique ideas to help drive the business forward—and create the best solutions for consumers. The products may be all about technology, but the company is all about its people—demonstrated by the fact that VIZIO promotes from within and encourages cross-functional teamwork.


Salesperson of the Year

Anthony is regarded as one of the best in the business. He embodies VIZIO Ads core values by easily establishing credibility with his clients, always accountable and remembering to stay top-of-mind by giving key information that pertains to their business, is curious in asking questions internally with various cross departments to ensure what he is presenting is aligned with their main KPIs, and above all has grit and determination. It takes a special person to develop these types of skills and to be empathetic to everyone's needs, both externally and internally.


To vote, simply select the link below, which takes you to the ThinkLA login page. You can log in with just one click using a social profile (Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn). Once logged in, just select the category and the VIZIO entry in each to cast your vote. 


Thank you very much for your support!


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