VIZIO Takes Center Stage At CES

VIZIO Takes Center Stage At CES


For a show about consumer electronics, CES this year sure did feature a lot of conversations about streaming entertainment, and the business model behind it. 


And for nearly all those conversations, VIZIO was center stage, discussing our unique approach to streaming programming, our Home Screen curation (and promotional) capabilities, and the ways we are taking lead in ensuring both content providers and advertisers are benefiting from this new medium. 


VIZIO Group VP of Advertising and Data Sales Adam Bergman was featured in this video interview with the CES C-Space Studio, where he discussed the ways that VIZIO is working to connect brands with viewers through unique content experiences. 


"We create a platform experience chock full of content for our customers... through our native operating system," he said.
"That experience is of course full of unique branding experiences.  We live by a really simple mantra — when you create a great customer experience, advertising and branding opportunities organically appear. "





Taking that concept further was VIZIO Group VP of Platform Content and Partnerships Katherine Pond, who appeared as a featured speaker on the "State of Streaming: Engaging New Audiences with Localization and Personalization" session discussion with Byron Allen of Allen Media Group and moderated by Axios reporter Sara Fischer. 




During a broad-ranging interview that included insights on how to manage on-demand viewing with lean-back viewing opportunities, Pond addressed head-on the unique value proposition VIZIO brings to advertisers desperate for reach in an otherwise fragmented streaming environment. 


"You've seen VIZIO invest in services where viewers don't pay with money, they pay with time.  They're ad-supported. They don't have to spend more to get premium, personalized content," she said. "We have the ability to aggregate all that viewership across all applications and provide advertisers with the scale that individually those apps wouldn't have" on their own. 


You can watch the full panel discussion,  which was featured on the front page of CES Daily, on the CES website here


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