VIZIO Introduces The Newsroom – The Streaming Destination for International, National and Local News

VIZIO Introduces The Newsroom – The Streaming Destination for International, National and Local News


The Ultimate Source for News, Weather, and Election Coverage 


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VIZIO’s Newsroom serves as a centralized hub for accessing today's top headlines, spanning premium streaming services and FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channels. From local news updates to weather forecasts, current events, and election coverage, the Newsroom collection delivers a seamless and immersive experience for users, all conveniently accessible in one location.


In an era marked by the proliferation of information sources, VIZIO has carefully curated a destination that provides users with 24/7 access to local broadcast networks, weather, and international news without the hassle of navigating multiple services, channels, and sources. 


"We know that local news promotion resulted in 9.7x more time spent than the average Home Screen promotion. This curated experience was built based on the interests of VIZIO users to provide a one-stop destination with immediate access to news that matters most in their community and around the world," said Liz Buhn, Vice President of Platform & Content Marketing at VIZIO. "Whether it's staying informed about current events, catching up on international news, or following the latest developments in the upcoming elections, VIZIO's Newsroom offers something for everyone."


Opportunities for Brands

“We know that VIZIO  viewers spend an average of 44 minutes a day on the Home Screen. As the sponsor of Newsroom, brands have an opportunity to achieve a level of reach and engagement that surpasses traditional linear tactics, particularly during election season," added Christina Ruiz, Vice President of Product Marketing, Communications and Events at VIZIO.


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