VIZIO Analytics Launches with Expanded Platform Integrations, Measurement Enhancements, Custom Analytics Team

VIZIO Analytics Launches with Expanded Platform Integrations, Measurement Enhancements, Custom Analytics Team


VIZIO Ads today announced VIZIO Analytics, an expanded suite of proprietary solutions and platform integrations with buyer support that helps advertisers plan, target, measure, and optimize multi-platform campaigns to engage with consumers in more relevant ways.


VIZIO Analytics offers custom analytics services and innovative technologies to help brands work backwards from their desired outcomes. This allows brands to develop tailored approaches to reaching bespoke audiences based on affinities, geographies, or demographics.


“We’ve built a custom analytics platform that gives brands the ability to leverage our massive TV footprint and data infrastructure for cross-platform campaigns,” said Travis Hockersmith, VP of VIZIO’s Platform + Business. “This makes it easier to connect their customer management and measurement services of choice with our analytics support to achieve their goals. The result provides consumers with more relevant ads and gives clients outcome-based accountability with their investment decisions.”


Customers can leverage Inscape’s best-in-class ACR data integrated from 20 million opt-in connected TVs for glass-level insights of anonymous audience viewing behaviors. To complement brands’ targeting preferences and plug into existing cross-platform buying strategies, Inscape built out an ecosystem of data integrations and compatibilities with trusted market leaders such as Neustar, Oracle, Experian, LiveRamp, Epsilon, Lotame, Acxiom, IRI, Upwave, Factual, Kochava, and more.


To facilitate these advanced market needs, the VIZIO Ad Tech & Innovation Team created the proprietary analytics platform to serve as a planning tool and allow advertisers to understand incremental audience reach and frequency that VIZIO Ads can generate on top of linear TV spend.



VIZIO Analytics enables advertisers to measure and validate ad impact against a variety of KPIs including lift metrics like brand awareness, perceptions, familiarity, favorability, and purchase intent. Additionally, VIZIO Analytics gives advertisers insight into bottom-of-the-funnel metrics such as location attribution, site attribution and conversion, offline sales lift, and foot traffic. And it helps advertisers track and optimize campaigns from start to finish, including pre-campaign planning work, targeting segments, budget allocation, measurement, and reporting.


For example, one media and entertainment client leveraged VIZIO Analytics to quantify a 94% lift in audience engagement and that 96% of VIZIO viewers who engaged with the VIZIO campaign would not have otherwise been exposed to it on linear TV.


In another example, a nationwide insurance carrier was able to track conversions to its website. The VIZIO Ads campaign drove 6.5x more visits to the website than those VIZIO audiences who did not see the ad.



Customers can also utilize third-party measurement support from partners such as Nielsen DAR,, VideoAmp, and ComScore, all of which license the Inscape data for measurement use cases.


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