#TVTrends: What Streaming Environments Capture The Most Viewer Attention?

#TVTrends: What Streaming Environments Capture The Most Viewer Attention?


Streaming has become the exclusive TV format for over half of U.S. households. But what kind of streaming environments get the most viewer attention? 


To help answer this question, we’ve partnered with the leading attention metrics provider Adelaide to help advertisers understand where they can expect to capture viewer attention across the broader TV ecosystem. 


The research shows:

  • FASTs also outperform Linear TV by 35-40%. 
  • Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) apps outperform Adelaide’s overall CTV Attention Unit (AU) benchmarks by 20-25%.
  • FAST AU benchmarks are on par with the biggest AVOD and vMVPD apps by volume.


“These findings disprove the narrative of inattention or lesser value in FAST environments,” said Devin Fallon, Senior Director, Media Insights & Analytics at VIZIO. “As subscription fatigue sets in, viewers are increasingly augmenting their streaming bundles with free services, and this ensures advertisers that FAST environments can drive both upper and lower funnel ROI.”


Adelaide’s CTV AU metric is built with data from TVision, which Adelaide’s model processes alongside attributed upper- and lower-funnel outcomes to calculate AU in TV environments. It’s also important to note that both CTV and linear TV garner stronger-than-average attention from viewers when compared to traditional digital channels.


For the analysis, VIZIO and Adelaide looked at a group of the highest volume apps across the FAST, AVOD, vMVPD, and Linear TV environments. 


“Adelaide is pleased to partner with VIZIO to bring transparency to CTV media quality in the FAST space,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO at Adelaide. “As CTV advertising grows, quantifying the quality of ad inventory with research-based measurement will be key for publishers, and we’re happy to help forward-thinking networks like VIZIO in this effort.”

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