Introducing Jump View — Connecting Linear TV With Streaming

Introducing Jump View — Connecting Linear TV With Streaming




Today we introduced a beta program for an innovative new cross-platform viewing solution called Jump View, designed to bridge the gap between linear TV and streaming services. 


Jump View gives participating programmers and brands the ability to present an interactive overlay at the conclusion of linear TV programs, directing viewers into a supporting app on VIZIO’s operating system to continue their viewing experience.


FOX, the first partner to test the feature, is placing Jump Views at the end of the premiere episode for its new docu-comedy “Welcome to Flatch.” The Jump View will prompt viewers to continue watching additional episodes of the program or catch up on past episodes on the FOX Now App, where FOX is streaming the first seven episodes of the season on-demand the same day as the premiere. This allows viewers to seamlessly extend their viewing experience with a single click of a button, enhancing the smart TV experience for both viewers and content providers alike.


According to Accenture, 60% of viewers are frustrated with the process of navigating between different streaming services and apps. Providing viewers with the ability to easily continue watching the content they just enjoyed eliminates that confusion and answers the ever-growing question of “what do I watch next?”


By encouraging and increasing viewership across formats, Jump View gives content providers a new opportunity to engage viewers beyond a single linear session with the ability to fully control and customize the user journey between platforms. This includes the ability to choose at what point of the show the ads will appear, how often they appear, and even to which app the overlay points. VIZIO is currently working with additional content providers and brands on a variety of integrations.


“As the provider of both the TV hardware and software, VIZIO is in a unique position to create an environment that reduces friction and increases usability,” said Adam Bergman, VP of Sales at VIZIO Ads. “Jump View represents yet another step in VIZIO’s ongoing mission to unify the smart TV experience with features that benefit viewers, content providers and advertisers.”


“Clearly, the viewing experience has changed, with both linear and streaming playing an integral role for the foreseeable future,” said Natalie Park, SVP, Marketing Strategy and Media at FOX Entertainment. “Innovations like Jump View that integrate these formats for viewers create a better live, tune-in experience that caters to the on-demand expectation that the binge-watching cultural phenomenon has created.”


Jump View leverages VIZIO’s Inscape ACR technology to recognize when a program participating in the Jump View program is on air, as well as additional proprietary VIZIO software to then target and serve the overlay to the viewer in real-time. 


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