VIZIO Ads Campaigns Deliver Lasting Impact On Consumers

VIZIO Ads Campaigns Deliver Lasting Impact On Consumers


The practice and measurement of advertising is about more than views and reach. Ultimately, it’s about results. 


We recently worked with a major, nationwide brick-and-mortar footwear retailer that engaged VIZIO Ads to promote store visits during its crucial back-to-school period.


As the graph below illustrates, the VIZIO Ads campaign was equal to the control group in basic stats like “awareness.” But it delivered rates significantly above industry benchmarks in the areas of Ad Recall, Favorability, and Customer Lift, alongside directional lifts in awareness, unaided awareness, and consideration.



In particular, Brand Favorability show statistically significant increases up to 9 exposures with directional increases seen beyond that point.


The campaign built significant messaging equity among viewers as well, with a positive lift among all surveyed brand attributes for the retailer. Note in particular the results for “Has shoes that I/my kids will look forward to wearing” and “Has a good selection of kid’s shoes to choose from.”


This is the kind of data brands look for to determine the effectiveness of their efforts not only in top-of-funnel metrics like awareness, but the all-important mid- to lower-funnel metrics like intent, consideration, and more. And all these figures can be further filtered by all-important demographic segments like age and gender. 


With data like this to review, brands can feel confident knowing that VIZIO Ads campaigns have a lasting impact on the consumers they reach.


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