Video: How To Reach VIZIO Viewers On Other Devices

Video: How To Reach VIZIO Viewers On Other Devices


At the Beet Retreat event in Santa Monica this past November, VIZIO's VP of National Ad Sales Adam Bergman discussed how advertisers can extend their messaging beyond the TV to viewers' other devices. 


“If you are an auto brand, and you want to target households who watch live sports, we have that data that you can now leverage for targeting on our platform in a streaming environment, on a mobile device, on a tablet."


The data he's referring to is VIZIO's  Inscape ACR,  which allows advertisers to retarget audiences on other devices based on household viewing history.


He explains further: 


“Based on ad exposure and TV viewership on my Vizio Smart TV, when I pick up from the couch, and I head out to get my morning coffee, I can now be shown a relevant ad based on what I’ve been watching on my Vizio Smart TV.”


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