Three Ways Advertisers Headed To VIZIO's Home Screen For The Holidays

Three Ways Advertisers Headed To VIZIO's Home Screen For The Holidays


How brands like The Home Depot created custom entertainment experiences that viewers

could see as soon as they turned on their  televisions



It’s officially the holiday season, which means family, friends, food, and… ads.


Right now, brands are finalizing their mad dash from Cyber Week to the end of the year, seekig to engage consumers with a meaningful message and ultimately drive sales in before the holiday break ends. 


But consumer attention spans are limited. With thousands of brands all vying for consumers’ valuable time and attention, how can advertisers create an experience that truly stands out?


Well, for brands like The Home Depot, all roads lead to one spot this holiday season — the VIZIO Home Screen .


The Home Screen Value Prop

VIZIO’s Home Screen provides a premium, brand-safe touchpoint as soon as viewers turn on the TV amid the noise of streaming TV content and environments. For advertisers, it’s one of the only clutter-free ways to still leverage TV as a mass-reach vehicle, outside of the usual suspects like award shows and The Super Bowl.


The Home Screen also provides a variety of immersive experiences strategically designed to not only drive full-funnel KPIs, but enhance the consumer experience with an “entertainment-first” approach. And around big tentpoles like the holidays, VIZIO's Home Screen gets a whopping five times more attention with seasonal shows. 


Here are three ways brands are using VIZIO's Home Screen to make the holidays even better for viewers.


Powering The Entertainment

One of the hallmarks of the holiday season is watching TV with your loved ones. To help enhance this experience, brands are providing VIZIO viewers with a “Holiday Hub” which includes a library of free content as soon as they power on their device. With a high-impact Sponsorship, these brands help consumers spend less time searching, and more time enjoying the Seasonal content they love.




Providing The Entertainment

To embrace the holiday season, another brand created an animated short film, that is meant to bring the family together and celebrate the season of sharing. The brand leveraged VIZIO’s Home Screen to promote the content on its YouTube channel and drive further visibility with our exclusive audience. VIZIO helps viewers easily find this seasonal short by  “Pointing To It” directly on the Home Screen. It’s as simple as one click.



Becoming The Entertainment

This year, rather than just surrounding holiday entertainment, The Home Depot’s Christmas wish was to take it one step further, by becoming the entertainment. So The Home Depot team partnered with VIZIO to produce a heart-warming holiday series that spreads joy to families by transforming their homes into winter wonderlands. The branded entertainment series is hosted by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and has QR-codes integrated throughout the episodes, so viewers can easily “shop the look” on 



The Home Screen Is Here To Stay

The VIZIO Home Screen certainly was up Holly & Jolly this Holiday season, but we’re not stopping there. This integral tactic has become a part of brands’ TV advertising strategy all year round. Whether looking to drive incremental reach, align with timely tentpoles, or just connect with hard-to-reach users before they dive into ad-lite or ad-free environments, VIZIO’s Home Screen can help you achieve your objectives. 


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