Smart TVs Drive Incremental Brand Reach Over Linear Campaigns

Smart TVs Drive Incremental Brand Reach Over Linear Campaigns


Today’s advertising landscape is incredibly fragmented. Viewers consume TV—and with it, ads—in multiple ways: traditional linear TV, ad-supported video on demand (AVOD), and free ad-supported streaming services (FASTs). 


And those are just the formats. Each option has multiple different potential providers as well. 


It’s important to not only measure ad performance across these multiple formats and providers overall, but also to measure how they perform against (and in conjunction with) each other. 


That requires a solution with the ability to:

  1. - Capture all ads served
  2. - Identify which format and provider delivered it
  3. - Determine what action viewers take afterward


VIZIO’s Inscape automatic content recognition (ACR) technology collects data from over 19 million smart TVs, with the unique ability to detect and track commercials across all TV inputs, formats and providers. This unique technical capability allows us to work with brands to plan, target, and measure campaigns against very specific campaign goals. 



A leading car manufacturer partnered with VIZIO Ads to drive incremental reach above and beyond its linear TV campaign, supporting the launch of a new model rollout.


Leveraging VIZIO’s ACR technology to ID when and where the ads were played, VIZIO  was able to implement an effective targeting strategy that ensured 81% of the VIZIO TVs that served the ad were incremental to the existing linear campaign. 



The same ACR data was used to focus on reaching viewers more efficiently. The VIZIO campaign maintained a frequency average of 2.1-times per week compared to only 0.3-times per week for the linear campaign, while contributing to roughly 52% of the campaign's total impressions (compared to 16% for the linear-only campaign). 


The results speak for themselves. VIZIO Ads drove a 42% lift in reach against the VIZIO footprint above the brand’s LTV reach, representing an additional 8.2% of VIZIO smart TV households.


What’s more, the VIZIO Ads campaign was most effective at building reach against light linear TV viewers. 


Data (and results) like this is what allows brands to make smart, informed, and confident decisions with their ads budgets, vs. gambling on a hunch.


Download the full case study and results here


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