Smart TV Owners Still Watch Ad-Supported Video

Smart TV Owners Still Watch Ad-Supported Video


A lot of people in the industry think AVOD only reaches people who don’t want to spend on premium subscriptions or can’t afford them. Those people are wrong, according to new research from Magid and VIZIO.


Consider this—smart TV owners who pay more for premium subscription services are surprisingly active users of ad-supported services as well. In fact, they stream more ad-supported programming than those without smart TVs. 


The topline data: 

  • Smart TV owners spend more on SVOD subscriptions than those without smart TVs: $64/month vs $46/m

  • Yet the same smart TV owners watch more AVOD programming weekly than non-owners: 55% vs 39%.


The report also breaks down AVOD vs FAST viewing, social video, and more between the two groups. 


Download the report using the form below to get this and all the additional data from the VIZIO/Magid study.