Reach Viewers Right From The Start — The VIZIO Home Screen

Reach Viewers Right From The Start — The VIZIO Home Screen




As streaming viewership grows, there are an increasing number of content providers vying for users’ time and engagement. So it’s more important than ever to connect with these audiences before they enter their streaming environment of choice. 


The VIZIO Home Screen is designed to do just that, providing new ways to create a meaningful dialogue with viewers and drive engagement at the very start of their content discovery journey. It is the first stop for millions of VIZIO viewers, and the first thing they see when they turn on their TV. As such, we’ve invested heavily in making this real estate the most useful it can be for viewers and advertisers alike. 


But we didn’t build a walled garden. We designed a holistic, interoperable ecosystem that helps both brands and broadcasters stand out, amplify their message, and drive results. In the past 6 months, time spent on the Home Screen has grown over 53% thanks in part to a number of new, innovative capabilities we’ve added over the course of the year. 


For instance, the VIZIO Home Screen offers networks, programmers, and other Media & Entertainment partners flexible options to reach viewers through multiple engaging experiences. This includes autoplay video, content deep links, and interactive features like clicking into a trailer or storefront, or even a QR code to boost ticket sales. 


Between our Hero unit, Discover banner, and Customer Carousels dedicated to different content themes, Media and Entertainment partners looking to drive tune-in can reach audiences beyond the traditional 15- and 30-second spots with highly engaging formats.


We also offer brands in every industry the ability to establish a presence on the Home Screen through custom content hubs, programming sponsorships, and timely activations. 


Connect with even the hardest-to-reach viewers before they dive into ad-free or ad-lite environments.


See how actual VIZIO partners achieved eye-popping results leveraging the VIZIO Home Screen to accomplish their goals:

  • 50% of VIZIO owners have kids under the age of 18, so we helped a QSR brand create a Family Movie Night hub to provide those viewers free & family friendly content options.
  • Our Home Screen promotions contributed to a 119% lift in tune in rate for a broadcaster seeking to drive viewership to a new season of a show. 
  • A Hollywood movie studio leveraged the Home Screen to promote PVOD on-platform purchases and rentals for a big release, with 84% incremental reach to linear exposure & a 127% lift in viewership with those exposed to the media. 
  • A recent insurance brand saw a 3.4x increase in site conversion after a sponsored Home Screen placement.


Watch these clips from our NewFront presentation earlier this year to learn more…

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