​​Reach Football Fans on Game Day with VIZIO

​​Reach Football Fans on Game Day with VIZIO




Football season is upon us, and that means fans will flock to their TV sets to watch all the action of their favorite teams, their fantasy scores, and much more. It also means a sharp uptick in advertising activity. 


After all, football in nearly every form — college and professional games alike — is one of the biggest advertising targets there is. 


But for all its popularity as an advertising vehicle, football is getting more complicated to target. For starters, competition for inventory is at an all-time high, as the number of appointment-viewing tentpole events dries up in an age of binge-watching on-demand libraries. 


Compounding this is the upcoming midterm election, which historically generates a flood of campaign-based advertising dominating local scatter buys in prime time and beyond. 


Placing that inventory is getting more complicated as well, as multiple streaming services acquire the rights to games, resulting in an increasingly fragmented space. Amazon now has Thursday Night Football. Apple, Amazon, and Google are battling for the rights to air NFL Sunday Ticket. And the NFL now has its own streaming subscription service—NFL+. 


We recognize these challenges, and as such are providing easy solutions that allow any brand to compete and get a piece of the gameday action on not just TV, but across all connected devices. 


VIZIO’s Household Connect allows brands to surround big games with their message by connecting with consumers watching football across all screens, not just the TV. 


Here’s how it works. Our Inscape Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) solution IDs what’s being watched on opted-in VIZIO TVs, in real time. We take that data, marry it with our device graph to learn which devices are in the same household that’s watching the big game, and deliver targeted and relevant messaging. 


The benefit this brings to brands is (pardon the pun) game-changing:  

  • - 84% of consumers utilize a second device while watching TV, especially during football games (checking other scores, fantasy stats, etc.)
  • - Brands can send targeted messaging across all devices in the household either before, during, or after the game, where they will resonate most on each device—mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. 
  • - This allows brands to expand the reach of any in-game ads, conquest competitors’ on-air promotions, and deliver targeted messaging where and when it matters most. 


For a more granular overview of Household Connect and how it amplifies football-related ad campaigns, use the form below to download the details on how it works, key demographics, viewing habits and more...