How (& Why) Brands Are Kicking Off Football Season On VIZIO’s Home Screen

How (& Why) Brands Are Kicking Off Football Season On VIZIO’s Home Screen



It’s only preseason, and still, NFL games are commanding a leading 3.09% of total TV watch time, according to Inscape. 


And with the reigning Super Bowl Champions set to kick off the 2023 regular season tonight in Kansas City, football only stands to grab a bigger piece of the pie in the months to come.


Amid an otherwise fragmented TV viewing environment, both NFL and College football continue to deliver massive reach, making them an important outlet for advertisers.


With that said, the shift to streaming, which is a main driver of this fragmentation, has also created new, high-impact opportunities advertisers can take advantage of in addition to traditional :15 and :30-second spots.


Take VIZIO’s Home Screen, for example, which is the first stop for millions of viewers as soon as they turn on their TV. The Home Screen provides advertisers with uncluttered premium real estate to reach audiences, and the ability to create truly immersive experiences for viewers around massive tentpoles like football.


What does Home Screen advertising actually look like? Let’s take a look.



This year, VIZIO developed a Football Kickoff Collection that provides a one-stop-shop viewing hub for the 2023 season, which is front and center on the Home Screen. 


This hub includes:


  • Live access to NFL and College games via streaming app partners such as Sling, YouTube TV, and Prime Video.


  • Free ad-supported streaming TV channels on VIZIO’s WatchFree+ for Pac 12, Sports Grid, and CBS Sports HQ.


  • “Tailgate Ready” cooking content, music videos, and popular social video trends.


  • A massive library of classic football movies and biopics like Invincible, Remember The Titans, and American Underdog.


The curated hub enhances and extends the viewing experience for football fans, while providing advertisers with an unmissable branded environment on VIZIO’s Home Screen. A recent update to the Home Screen display is already driving a 20% increase in viewer clicks and engagement, making it the perfect time to leverage the opportunity to achieve both top and bottom-of-funnel KPIs.


“Sunday football is a family ritual in many households, including my own,” said Adam Bergman, Group Vice President of Advertising & Data Sales at VIZIO. “And we created an entertainment offering that provides fans with everything they need to make the most out of that time, while giving advertisers the ability to stand out from the crowd and enhance the experience.”


The football season is just around the corner. Now’s the time to kick off your own branding campaigns to align with what remains one of the few tentpole TV viewing events left on air. Click the “Get in touch” button below to connect with a VIZIO representative to discuss your options.

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