DTC Brand Uses VIZIO CTV Ads for Top-of-Funnel KPI Lift

DTC Brand Uses VIZIO CTV Ads for Top-of-Funnel KPI Lift


Direct-to-consumer companies traditionally focus their advertising efforts on paid search and social, targeting potential customers who have either searched for or bought similar products to theirs. 


It’s a lower-funnel strategy that gets results. But it is also useful to complement these types of campaigns with a broader, top-of-funnel awareness effort. That’s where CTV advertising comes into play.


Recently, a D2C consumer appliance brand turned to VIZIO to reach a broader range of consumers with an engaging campaign designed to build awareness, preference, and consideration for its products. It did so through a series of CTV ads run across the VIZIO ecosystem. 


An independent brand lift study indicated this campaign contributed to driving an lift in all key KPI metrics, including double-digit lifts in both consideration and purchase intent. 


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This case study and its results are not guarantees of the future performance of VIZIO Ads and are subject to factors which are beyond its control and may cause actual results to differ from expectations.