Big Game. Big Reach. How VIZIO’s Home Screen Rivals Linear Viewership With Its Game Day Hub

Big Game. Big Reach. How VIZIO’s Home Screen Rivals Linear Viewership With Its Game Day Hub





Advertisers buy airtime around big tentpole events for one reason — reach. 


But in today’s fragmented streaming TV viewing environment, there are fewer and fewer tentpole events that deliver the kind of reach brands are accustomed to achieving in the days of peak broadcast TV. 


Fortunately, the new streaming paradigm offers a solution to this problem that it has caused — the smart TV Home Screen. 


As the first screen viewers encounter when they power up their TV sets, the smart TV Home Screen is a content navigation and discovery environment capable of delivering not only the same level of reach and scale of tentpole events of old, but also something even more than those rare programming events could achieve… engagement. 


So as brands gear up for the Big Game this weekend, VIZIO offers the ability to generate Super-sized reach comparable to ads placed within the game itself through our Home Screen sponsorship capabilities. That’s not just for the game itself, but includes the lead up to and extending the lifetime of the Big Game, as well as for any other tentpole event given similar treatment. 


In support of the Big Game, VIZIO has created a Game Day Hub where fans can find and launch content of all types related to the highly anticipated event. This Hub includes pre-game day football-related documentaries, movies, and series leading up to the Big Day. On the day of the Big Game itself, the Hub offers one-click easy access to the different networks streaming the event, from broadcast networks like CBS, to streamers like Parmount+, Hulu, YouTube TV, the Fubo Sports Network, and others. 


Throughout the week, the Game Day Hub dominates the Home Screen with a Home Screen Hero unit, a dedicated Discovery carousel, and a featured card in both the Collections and Featured carousels throughout. 


As the sponsor of this Hub and its components, insurance carrier Allstate has an opportunity to achieve a level of reach and engagement hard to match amidst the noise of those advertising around the game itself. 


Just look at the results generated from previous such tentpole events given a similar Home Screen treatment. The chart below shows the reach (by the percentage of VIZIO devices reached) of three Home Screen sponsorships that ran around the time period of last year’s Big Game, compared to that achieved by the game itself: 


Here’s another look that shows the overall reach of multiple tentpole viewership events broken down by the percentage of devices reached compared to the potential Home Screen opportunity. 




Both cases clearly show the outsized (dare we say… Super?) impact, the VIZIO smart TV Home Screen has over traditional linear tentpole events for brands hoping to connect with VIZIO viewers. 


For more data, information, or a personalized walkthrough of how brands can leverage the Home Screen opportunity for the Big Game or other pending tentpole TV events, click the “Get in touch” button below to connect with a VIZIO Ads representative.

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