Big Data. Big Impact. The Inscape ACR Difference

Big Data. Big Impact. The Inscape ACR Difference




Data is transforming TV. With Data is more accurate and better able to capture audience engagement.  


That’s why the foundation of all VIZIO’s content offerings, programming decisions, and advertising solutions is our award-winning Inscape ACR data. 


With the right data, brands and programmers alike can elevate both the consumer experience and their own opportunities to connect with audiences. 


Inscape powers everything from viewership insights and personalized content recommendations to measurement and attribution. What’s more, VIZIO Analytics helps advertisers work backward from theiur desired goals, and achieve both top- and bottom-of-funnel KPIs.


When a piece of content runs across any input or ancillary device on opted-in VIZIO TVs, ACR detects image pixels and audio as they play in real-time. We match those to our library of known fingerprints, giving us meaningful viewership insights, which then can be easily applied to VIZIO media buys.


We clean and organize that data into feeds, make it representative of the census, and have a variety of TV data products for different use cases. 


And beyond ACR, Inscape is productizing TV data to develop more tools for better measurement, better decision-making, better advertising, and most importantly… better experiences for viewers on our platform and across the industry.


Watch this clip from our NewFront presentation earlier this year to learn more…

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