Auto-Play Hero Unit Helps Drive Efficient Cost-Per Subscriber Acquisition

Auto-Play Hero Unit Helps Drive Efficient Cost-Per Subscriber Acquisition


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One of the most powerful functions of the VIZIO Home Screen is its ability to connect viewers with the content they want to watch. After all, watching TV is usually the main motivation for powering up their VIZIO device in the first place.


That’s why we’ve made Auto-Play such a big priority. With Auto-Play units, media companies can promote their movie, show, or entire streaming service within the Hero banner on the VIZIO Home Screen that automatically plays a short video without taking over the entire screen viewing experience.


This allows advertisers to grab the interest of viewers beyond the walls of their owned app, and leverage the full reach of the VIZIO Home Screen.


Recently, a vMVPD service provider that has long worked with VIZIO to promote its streaming service leveraged this Auto-Play functionality to help drive new paid subscribers in a cost-effective way. It ran the Auto-Play unit alongside additional static units as well, all on the Home Screen.


But among all the Home Screen options it chose, the Auto-Play unit performed best. In just one week after optimizing its promotional spending to emphasize the Auto-Play unit, the company’s subscriber acquisition cost — as measured by the number of exposed viewers clicking through to the app with a qualified session duration minimum— fell 13%.


Contributing to this result was VIZIO’s services team, which worked directly with the company to create the most impactful Home Screen experience, combining the Auto-Play and static promotional units to great effect.


To learn more about how the Auto-Play unit can help promote your content on the VIZIO Home Screen, and to work with our services team to design the most impactful experience, click the “Get in touch” button below to connect with a VIZIO representative.


[Disclaimer: The information and results presented are not guarantees of the future performance of VIZIO Ads and are subject to factors that are beyond its control and may cause actual results to differ from expectations.]


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