Advertising To Football Fans: Who They Are, What They Watch, And How To Reach Them

Advertising To Football Fans: Who They Are, What They Watch, And How To Reach Them




Football is one of the biggest and most expensive TV advertising sectors there is, thanks to the massive reach it can deliver. But while buying football ads is certainly a valid strategy for brands trying to reach a broad TV audience, it’s hardly the only game in town (pun fully intended).


In today’s connected TV world, brands have more options. Those seeking the biggest bang for their buck can now reach the same football TV audience across a range of programming with accuracy, efficiency, and overall better results. 


It all comes down to data. VIZIO recently focused our Inscape ACR data and analysis capabilities on the football audience to identify and dispel any myths and misconceptions. What we found is that much of the long-held conventional wisdom about TV football advertising is in need of updating. 


Our report, available for download using the form below, found that the football audience: 

  • is largely duplicative between NFL and NCAA leagues 
  • isn’t distinct from the audience of other sports
  • spends more time watching non-sports content than they do sports


Considering how expensive and competitive TV football advertising is, this data is critical to developing a smart, data-driven approach to reaching the same audience.


While more than 12,000 advertisers all compete for TV ad impressions over the course of a football season, a third of those impressions go to only the top 20 advertisers. What’s more, our report shows that advertising on football quickly delivers diminishing returns as budgets increase. 


Taken together, we’ve learned that brands can reach football fans in environments other than football that are less competitive and/or expensive than football, yet equally as effective when targeted through a coordinated, data-driven campaign. The result is a more efficient strategy that delivers a better ROI and addresses common problems like frequency control and incremental reach. 


Download the full report to learn more about the VIZIO football audience—who they are, what they watch, and how to reach them...


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