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A focal point of VIZIO’s content strategy is our WatchFree+ free streaming service. The service offers access to more than 250 premium TV channels, including the best in free programming from A+E, CNN, FOX, AMC, NFL and many, many more. 


Recently, we expanded the WatchFree+ live streaming service to include ad-supported on demand programming with more than 5,000 ad-supported titles from over 17 studios such as Disney, Sony, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros.


Our best-in-class data platform powers the search and discovery experience for viewers, bringing thoughtful recommendations to light, as well as tools for viewer personalization. 


The results are paying off. WatchFree+ is the second-most-watched ad-supported streaming app on VIZIO, and continues to grow in terms of time spent with billions of hours of content streamed.


Learn more in this clip from our 2022 NewFronts presentation:


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