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VIZIO Features:

Curating Content and Audiences

Overview:  With every moment spent on our TVs, consumers are voting… telling us what kinds of shows they like, what formats they prefer, and  what experiences they return to most. We’ve taken the next step to leverage this opt-in viewing data, to bring our viewers more of the programming they love.


Solution: VIZIO Features is a programming and curation service that combines our data, our audience, and our distribution platform to offer creators, viewers and advertisers personalized content experiences not available on other platforms. This includes dedicated channels for hip-hop buffs, home and DIY go-getters, action and adventure enthusiasts, sci-fi and horror fans, true crime obsessives, the LGBTQ+ community, and much more. 

Benefit: For advertisers, we offer the ability to sponsor entire Feature collections or specific content through custom-branded integrations. This is particularly useful for those who desire a presence on the VIZIO home screen.


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