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the Unreachable

Here’s the deal: 48 percent of VIZIO owners don’t have a traditional cable or satellite subscription. That makes them unreachable to even the heaviest of traditional TV spenders—until now.


For millions of VIZIO owners, our SmartCast™ operating system is the first stop in their content journey. And with hundreds of linear channels to choose from, our WatchFree platform is replacing the linear experience customers used to pay for. 


Combine all those channels on WatchFree with inventory from our direct publisher apps, and you have a customer touchpoint that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere, powered by VIZIO Ads.


Whether you want to explore in-banner video, clickable banners, deep-linking to sponsored carousels, sponsored content hub opportunities, or our industry leading hero banner, we can create an ad experience that helps you reach your business goals.


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