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The Home Screen Experience…

And Opportunity

For millions of VIZIO owners, the home screen is the first stop in their television experience… 


This provides viewers with access to hundreds of free streaming and on-demand titles channels, and popular streaming services like Apple TV, Disney+, HBOMax, Hulu, and Netflix. It also includes support for Apple AirPlay 2 & Chromecast built-in, allowing viewers to stream from their mobile devices onto the big screen. 


This home screen takes a data-informed approach to surfacing the most relevant and timely content for our audiences every time they turn on the TV. It is designed in a familiar and intuitive manner that makes it easy for viewers to search and discover entertainment and includes the following features:


  • Hero banners highlighting the latest programming from our content partners 
  • Recommended titles based on personal viewing history
  • Free movie suggestions from premium studios
  • Premium Apps that are easy to find and navigate 
  • VIZIO’s WatchFree+ live and on-demand ad-supported service 
  • A wide range of genre-specific curated channels 


Which is why over 50% of VIZIO users’ time is spent on our platform. That’s a lot of time—and a lot of opportunities—to reach these viewers. Whether you want to explore in-banner video, clickable banners, deep-linking to sponsored carousels, sponsored content hub opportunities, or our industry leading hero banner, we can create an ad experience that helps you reach your business goals.


Learn more in this clip from our 2022 NewFronts presentation:


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