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Audience Insights

One of the biggest challenges with CTV is finding good data. That’s why our Inscape ACR data has become the foundation of the future of measurement for the wider industry.


  • It helps advertisers find their fans and connect with them in a meaningful way, wherever they are

  • It powers a vastly improved measurement currency movement that brands and agencies can transact on

  • It helps programmers identify what content their consumers love so they can create more of it


With more than 20 million active and opted-in smart TVs, VIZIO’s Inscape is the most powerful glass-level data set in the market. 


Inscape’s glass-level, second-by-second ACR technology brings a new level of speed, transparency and actionability to the TV marketplace, powering innovation across both VIZIO and the connected TV industry. 


At VIZIO, Inscape ACR data is the foundation for everything we do—target campaigns, measure efficacy, and inform both programming and our entire advertising product suite. 


And because our ACR data is collected from expressly opted-in consumers and provides anonymized viewing data to the industry, it is a trusted source for intelligence and something you can use to transform your advertising measurement and strategy.

Learn more in this clip from our 2022 NewFronts presentation:


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