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May 2nd


New York, NY

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Thank you for your interest in the VIZIO 2022 NewFront presentation on May 2, 2022. 


During both the in-person and virtual events, VIZIO will showcase the latest advancements in our integrated hardware and software platform, including industry-leading ACR data, innovative viewing experiences for consumers and direct-to-device offering for advertisers. 


Sessions include presentations on:

- The SmartCast Award-Winning Integrated Operating System

- WatchFree+ Content and Programming

- VIZIO Features Programming

- Inscape Data & VIZIO Analytics

- VIZIO Audience

- Advanced Advertising Opportunities


Step into the VIZIO Experience at Moonlight Studios' new futuristic showroom and “extended reality” in SoHo, featuring LED installations and an XR stage. Or join the streaming presentation virtually for a walk through the expanded VIZIO House. 


Just use the form below to request your spot for this exciting event.