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Defining and optimizing brand success from awareness, to recall, to sales


VIZIO Analytics:

Audience and Attribution

Overview: At VIZIO Ads we’re constantly working to push the envelope not just on how to reach and engage with audiences, but how to define and optimize brand success from awareness, to recall, to sales. 

Solution: VIZIO Analytics is our audience and attribution offering to meet those goals. From the pre-campaign work of identifying audience segments to the back-end measurement against a variety of KPIs, VIZIO Analytics measures the full ROI of VIZIO Ads campaigns.

Benefit: This enables advertisers to measure and validate ad impact against a variety of KPIs including lift metrics like brand awareness, perceptions, familiarity, favorability, and purchase intent. Additionally, VIZIO Analytics gives advertisers insight into bottom-of-the-funnel metrics such as location attribution, site attribution and conversion, offline sales lift, and foot traffic.


Learn more in this clip from our 2022 NewFronts presentation:

Features include: 


  • Frequency Control: enables brands to set limits on how often a VIZIO TV within a household is exposed to a specific ad. 

  • True Incremental Reach: enables brands to use deterministic data to understand the overlap of audiences

  • Brand Lift: provides visibility and insights across traditional on-platform video placements,  omnichannel Household Connect campaigns, Home Screen sponsorships, and more


  • Store Location Attribution: determines the media tactics most effective at driving physical visits as well as the most receptive audiences


  • Site Attribution: demonstrates the link between exposure on the largest screen in the house and on-site actions such as visits, applications, purchases and conversions across non-VIZIO devices


  • On-Platform Outcomes: highlights  subscription events, time spent, and content viewership


The strength of VIZIO Ads’ suite of services is how well the different options work together to complement each other. They truly are greater than the sum of their parts. 


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