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Helping you get the most out of your ad dollars

Helping you get the most out of your ad dollars


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Today’s media landscape offers advertisers unprecedented opportunities. But it’s not without its challenges.


  • More viewers cutting the cord means your linear ad buys reach smaller audiences.

  • The devices some viewers use to stream content may serve ads to dark screens, wasting you money.

  • Multiple content providers, streaming platforms, and ad servers complicate the measurement of your ad campaign results.



VIZIO Ads is meeting these challenges on multiple fronts. Our data-driven CTV ad platform reaches cord cutters through targeted in-stream video to branded Home Screen experiences. Our combination of hardware and software removes any viewability ambiguity to ensure every ad served is an ad seen. And our glass-level ACR measurement data, validated by third parties, provides you with the confidence of knowing who your message has reached, when, and with what results. 


This Agency Resource Center takes the next step… arming you with the data, the insights, and the real-world examples of how the VIZIO Ads platform serves advertisers like you every day.

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We regularly sit down with agency and advertising partners to discuss the latest industry happenings, hot button issues, and the impact it’s having on them. See the latest below with partners like dentsu, Horizon Media, MediaHub, Canvas Worldwide and MDC.


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