VIZIO Advanced Ad Products

Universal Frequency Control, True Incremental Reach, and Household Connect

Our Advanced Advertising Products

Universal Frequency Control,

True Incremental Reach, & Household Connect

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As an advertiser, you want to reach the right person with the right message at the right time to ensure impactful impressions that drive real business outcomes. You want to optimize campaign planning, targeting, and measurement. And we’ve got three products in our advanced advertising suite to help you do that: Household Connect, Universal Frequency Control, and True Incremental Reach.


Household Connect, which enables advertisers to target consumers on other devices based on what is viewed on VIZIO smart TVs.


Universal Frequency Control sets limits on how often an ad is delivered via VIZIO Ads’ CTV offering, and with in-flight optimization, brands can ensure they are reaching the device an optimal amount of times per day, week, or month. 


True Incremental Reach helps you measure net new audiences reached from advertising on our platform, when compared to other formats such as linear and VOD. 


Together, this suite delivers those real business outcomes.


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