VIZIO Addressable

VIZIO’s tech stack solution built to help existing Project OAR members and attract new sources of addressable inventory.

Project OAR

Addressable Advertising

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What is VIZIO Addressable?

Digital-level Targeting,

Linear TV Reach

Back in 2018, we founded Project OAR, a consortium dedicated to creating an open addressable standard. Now, we’re putting the results into the marketplace. 


VIZIO is rolling out a massive footprint of addressable-enabled TVs, and over the past few months, we’ve been working to build and successfully test a white-label tech solution to help existing OAR members dive into addressable advertising. 


Our work doesn’t stop there: We want to attract new sources of inventory, both national and local, to connect brands with their audiences in a down-funnel way that regular linear advertising simply can’t do.


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