VIZIO Addressable

VIZIO’s tech stack solution built to help existing Project OAR members and attract new sources of addressable inventory.


Addressable Advertising

at Scale

Here at VIZIO, we’re dedicated to uniting and empowering the industry around linear addressable advertising. 


That’s why created VIZIO ENACT — a proprietary suite of advertising technologies built to accelerate the adoption of directed, addressable advertising across all forms of television. 


ENACT aims to solve two historical problems: Scale and Infrastructure. 


Scale: VIZIO Enact delivers dynamic advertising inside cable and broadcast TV programming across a footprint of more than 11.2 million VIZIO TVs enabled for universal addressable advertising. It employs our ACR technology to turn any national TV ad into an addressable opportunity, with additional features such as ad personalization, sequential messaging and localization. 


Infrastructure: ENACT provides a centralized platform that simplifies the process of purchasing inventory across multiple networks via a full-stack solution designed to channel the burgeoning demand among advertisers looking to run more addressable TV campaigns.



Linear TV has always been a one-to-all approach. Addressable TV moves messaging down the funnel for a one-to-some approach. ENACT is truly the bridge between linear and streaming. The result — all ads can be addressable, personalized and delivered with context. 


Learn more in this clip from our 2022 NewFronts presentation:


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